Surriya seeks to source and distributes the world’s best Basmati Rice, help communities by sheer involvement in various charities and social campaigns. Our goal is to become the symbol of quality and bring about change in people’s lives when it comes to health & eating habits.
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At the End of the day, we’re operating
the business to impact lives.
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In Sanskrit language, bas means “fragrance” and mati means “full of” so, the word basmati translates to “full of fragrance,” and anyone who's prepared the rice themselves knows exactly how good that fragrance is!
Surriya Basmati Rice has a low to medium glycemic index which means that after consumption it releases energy at a slower and steadier rate leading to a more balanced level of energy.
Surriya Basmati Rice is gluten free, cholesterol free, low in sodium and low in fat. It contains all the vital nutrients for proper bodily functions - vitamins, essential amino acids, iron, folic acid and minerals.
One simple trick to improving the look and texture of your rice is letting it sit in a bowl of water and soak for 30 minutes before putting it on the heat. This will let the grains expand and become more absorbent to curries or stews added on top.